Squirrel Surprise Squirrel Surprise Processed

Squirrel Surprise

Date/Time: 17 January 2012, 5:12pm
Location: Rexburg, ID
Aperture: f5
Shutter Speed: 1/200
Camera: Canon 60D
Other: 2 Levels Layers, Saturation Layer
Ezra's Parrot Ezra's Parrot Processed

Ezra's Parrot

Date/Time: 21 January 2021, 12:17pm
Location: Rexburg, ID
Aperture: f4.5
Shutter Speed: 1/125
Camera: Canon 60D

I loved that squirrel's expression! Yep, I found more squirrels to shoot. I've got quite the library of squirrel photos now. On the Squirrel Surprise shot I felt like the background was a bit blown out, so I used a levels adjustment layer to darken it a bit and then masked out the squirrel. But then I wanted more light and color on the squirrel so I put levels and saturation adjustment layers on it and masked out the background to highlight the squirrel.

The edits on Ezra's Parrot are a bit more subtle, you may have to look at the enlarged version to really see the difference. The parrot was ever so slightly out of focus, so I used an unsharpen mask smart filter and just highlighted the parts I wanted sharp like his eye, beak and some of his feathers. Since I had to shoot with a high ISO, it was awfully grainy, so I put a blur filter over top and masked out the parrot so it would smooth out some of the grain in the background.