Date/Time: 19 February 2012, 9:10pm
Location: Taggart, UT
Aperture: f8
Shutter Speed: 22s
Camera: Canon 60D
Edits: Masked 3 exposures together, cropped
Het Brugge Tafereel

Het Brugge Tafereel

Date/Time: 25 April 2007, 7:00am
Location: Brugge, Belgium
Aperture: f3.9
Shutter Speed: 1/60
Camera: Nikon Coolpix S200

These two photos were entered into the BYUI Student Art Show for display in the Spori Gallery. I didn't hear about the art show deadline until the very last minute, so I entered two photos that I had printed and ready to go. They were two of my favorites anyway. I had to get them framed quickly, and that turned out to be more a hassle than expected because there were a lot of particles floating around for some reason.

The light painting photo, Orbit was from my favorite, and one of my most educational photo excursions of this semester. They also got pretty excited responses from my peers. Het Brugge Tafereel has some sentimental value. It was taken in Brugge, Belgium, a city that I lived in for 6 months while I lived in Europe for 2 years. It's a beautiful, well-preserved medieval city, and this photo brings back so many memories.

The entry was submitted on 2 March, 2012.